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  • Totally Greyhound Fleece Coat. The Luna Collection. Made to Measure
  • Cornish Peanut Butter for Dogs
  • Greyhound Snuggle Caterpillar
  • Shuka Red Greyhound Collar
  • Eyes Hands Free Lead
  • Tribal Fresh Turkey Senior/Light

About Totally Greyhound

As Greyhound owners, we understand that each Greyhound is unique, which is why we have decided to create a bespoke website for everything your Greyhound could possibly want and need. 

We are Colin and Marie, Greyhound lovers and owners for 20 years. Like you, we have suffered the frustrations of not being able to get exactly what we wanted, when we wanted it for our beloved hounds. 

  • Totally Greyhound Cooling Coat.
  • Totally Greyhound Fleece Coat. The Kirkness Collection.
  • Greyhound Jumper. The Lace Collection

Bespoke Products

All our Greyhound products are hand-picked to ensure they are the very best for your greyhound.  

British-made, our premium range of Greyhound accessories are made to measure to fit your Greyhound perfectly – see our collection for the bespoke selection and let your Greyhound live their best life.  

  • nautical martingale dog collar
    Nautical Martingale Collar
  • nautical dog lead
    Nautical Dog Lead
  • eDog. 2m Plain Dog Fleece Lead. Orange

Blog Articles

The information hub about all things Greyhound. If you’re after the answer on the best bed for your Greyhound; the premium food for your Greyhound, and much more besides, check out our blogs for all the latest information.  

  • tribal fresh chicken senior light dog food
    Tribal Fresh Chicken Senior/Light
  • 100% Natural Treat Box
  • Johnson’s Fishy’s Salmon Oil

Contact Totally Greyhound

As a non-faceless Superstore, you can ask us anything. 

Colin and Marie live and breathe greyhounds, if you have any questions, comments or need help please get in touch  with us directly on….03301 332884 or email colin@totallygreyhound.com