Bespoke Greyhound Products

Bespoke Greyhound Products

Are you seeking a unique and custom range of apparel and accessories for the special Greyhound in your life? Look no further.

British-made and bespoke, our premium range of Greyhound accessories are made to measure to fit your Greyhound perfectly – browse our collection for the bespoke products, and pamper your hound!

All our bespoke Greyhound products are hand-picked to ensure they are the very best for your greyhound.

Give us an excuse…

…to look for more Greyhound products, we can’t get enough!

We are always on the lookout for something new for our beloved hounds, so if there’s something you’re after for your Greyhound that is proving elusive…let us know, and we will do our best to source it for you!

Current bespoke ranges

Minkeys Tweed offers a collection for the traditional look. Bespoke Greyhound Yorkshire Tweed coats, blankets and owner apparel to match your newly kitted out Greyhound.

Fleece Dog Harnesses comprise a range of specialist harnesses for your Greyhound. Custom sizes and made to measure options guarantee a size match to ensure a perfect, comfortable fit for your Greyhound. Not to mention, an exciting array of colour options, too!

The bespoke range will continue to grow, so keep checking back in with us to see the latest in custom Greyhound apparel as we introduce more.