Bespoke vs Standard Greyhound Harness: Which is best?

Greyhound owners understand that a harness is essential for their hound. But it can be a minefield – should you choose a standard harness, or splash out on a bespoke, custom-made harness?

Most veterinarians recommend the use of the harnesses for Greyhound adults, as you have much better control and influence over the direction your Greyhound wants to take. If you own a Greyhound who pulls too much, it is essential to favour the use of a harness which is totally safe and much more comfortable for them.

This article will help you to know which harness is the best for your Greyhound, and allow you to choose a material adapted to your Greyhound, according to the way it will be used.

Greyhounds have a distinct body shape. They are recognised by their long legs, deep chest, flexible spine, and overall slim build. Because of their unique body shape, harnesses can be difficult to fit, especially standard ones.

Two Italian Greyhound dogs on a rural background

Greyhounds have very thin skin, which is easily damaged. This is undeniably a factor when choosing a harness for your Greyhound, to keep them safe and free from harm. The harness should work with the frame of your Greyhound, particularly the chest area. A poorly designed harness may be tight or pinch the skin under the front limbs.

With their deep chests, slim waists and long necks – not every harness is ideal for a Greyhound. Consider not only the shape and temperament of your Greyhound when out walking, but whether they have a tendency to try and escape.

Find a harness that is not going to allow escape, is agreeable to your Greyhound, and is comfortable. Also, consider the ability to train your dog’s behaviour with the harness. Fleece or velvet-lined harnesses are ideal fabrics for your Greyhound’s delicate skin.

Bespoke Greyhound Harnesses

When it comes to a bespoke harness for your Greyhound, you have the option to design your own unique harness, by choosing your fleece colour, webbing and embroidery thread colour to write your Greyhound’s name or personal message. We are more than happy to guide you through the process of measuring and ordering your bespoke harness, simply get in touch.

When your Greyhound is calmer, with age or with a good training, you may be able to replace the harness with a beautiful collar! With this in mind, you can view our beautiful range just here.

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