Totally Greyhound Fleece Coat. The Heathlawn Collection. Regular Fit.


Only available through Totally Greyhound, this Greyhound Fleece Coat is beautifully handmade in the UK from a stunning harlequin, and matching plain fabric. (Named after our model Heathlawn Heidi)

This double fleece coat is designed to keep your hound cosy and warm, while turning heads in the park. Available in Sunburst (Orange) or Harlequin Sky (Blue, with matching blue body)

Sizes from 14 inches to 34 inches

Please allow 14 – 21 days for delivery. Free UK  Shipping


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Please measure your dog carefully using ‘Measurement A’ from the diagram

Coat Size

14 inches (35cm), 15 inches (38cm), 16 inches (40.6cm), 17 inches (43cm), 18 inches (45.7cm), 19 inches (48cm), 20 inches (50.8cm), 21 inches (53.3), 22 inches (56cm), 23 inches (58.4cm), 24 inches (61cm), 25 inches (63.5cm), 26 inches (66cm), 27 inches (68.5cm), 28 inches (71cm), 29 inches (73.6cm), 30 inches (76cm), 31 inches (78.7cm), 32 inches (81cm), 33 inches (83.8cm), 34 inches (86.3cm)


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