Raglan Check Sofa Bed


Sofa dog bed with drop front for easy access, the bed features durable waterproof fabric bolster walls filled with blow filled fibre, the internal bed is a  more shallow 7cm thick Poly Pad. Providing good support and very comfortable. 

One side of the internal removable bed has waterproof fabric the other side has our high quality upholstery check fabric, the bed design allows for much more room inside than a traditional bolster walled settee bed.

Perfect as a portable bed or  for the back of a large car or 4 x 4.

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Sofa Dog Bed – water resistant outer and non slip base – reversible inner bed

This bed offers the durability of water resistant outer for your pet with the practicality of extra water resistance with the benefit of draught excluding bolsters that are also perfect as head rests inner bed is also removable, the bed base is dipple non slip and water resistant.

Due to the drop front this bed is also ideal for the back of the car (4×4)

Available Bed Sizes:

Size 1 – 76cm x 61cm

Size 2 – 91cm x 73cm

Size 3 – 122cm x 73cm (XL)

Made In United Kingdom

Bed Size

122cm x 73cm, 76cm x 61cm, 91cm x 73cm


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