Reindeer Greyhound Fleece Coat


Reindeer Greyhound Fleece Coat. Beautifully hand made in the UK. Double fleece for extra comfort. Made to measure.

Handmade to your individual order so please allow 14 days for delivery

Although all of these fleeces come in generic sizes, you have the option to enter your dogs unique measurements, so for no extra charge we can ensure your fleece fits just right.

If you require a regular fit, simply choose your design from the Description Box below, submit, and then choose your coat size.

For made to measure, please complete your additional measurements and lead hole options on the form in the Description Box below and hit SUBMIT, then select your COAT SIZE according to the length of your dogs back.

Please measure your dog carefully using a soft tape measure

Please enter your email address
Lead hole is an option on the Long Polo version.
Start the measurement at the base of the neck, just in front of the shoulder blades at the neck/back join and continue along the line of the back to where the tail joins the body.
Measure from the centre of your dogs chest to the deepest part of your dogs girth
Take your tape measure around the deepest part of your dogs chest.
Measure from the floor to the top of your dogs shoulder.
Place the tape around the thinnest part of your dogs body
Measure around the thickest part of your dogs neck.
Measure horizontally across the front of the chest.
From the starting point of the normal Back measurement to where you would like the lead hole to sit.
Please state the finished length of the fleece if you would like it a little longer than the back length measurement.
Coat Size

14 inches (35cm), 15 inches (38cm), 16 inches (40.6cm), 17 inches (43cm), 18 inches (45.7cm), 19 inches (48cm), 20 inches (50.8cm), 21 inches (53.3), 22 inches (56cm), 23 inches (58.4cm), 24 inches (61cm), 25 inches (63.5cm), 26 inches (66cm), 27 inches (68.5cm), 28 inches (71cm), 29 inches (73.6cm), 30 inches (76cm), 31 inches (78.7cm), 32 inches (81cm), 33 inches (83.8cm), 34 inches (86.3cm)


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