What NOT to give your dog at Christmas.

If you’re not sure what extra treats you can safely give your dog this Christmas, here’s a quick checklist of things that could​​ be potentially harmful.

Christmas Pud and Mince Pies.
Grapes and their dried products like currants, sultanas and raisins are toxic to dogs, so avoid the temptation to share the last bit of Pud that you couldn’t possibly eat.​​​

Please don’t be tempted to share your last Rolo either. Theobromine, which is a bit like caffeine, is found in chocolate and is toxic to dogs​​​.

Including Onions, garlic, leeks, shallots and chives, either raw or cooked can be harmful.​​​

​Yes, gravy. Many standard gravy and stocks have a very high salt content, so unless you use a low salt version……avoid, or at least keep the portion size very low.

Sounds pretty obvious​​, but remember any small amounts used in cooked food. Drunken Zoomies should be off the menu.

Artificial sweeteners
A sugar-free sweetener called Xylitol is very harmful to dogs, and is often found in sweets.

Last but not least, NO COOKED BONES.

Keep your dog healthy this Christmas and have a ‘Greyt’ time

Merry Christmas Everyone from

COLIN and MARIE at Totally Greyhound.